‘Ilha Record’: find out which participants were eliminated from the reality of Record

“Ilha Record” never ceases to amaze the public. After sending Vitória into Exile in the first week and modifying the dynamics of the Survival Challenge, causing Solange Gomes to return promising revenge, the reality show will show that physical strength is not everything. According to a leaked photo published by iG Gente columnist Gabriel Perline, obtained by MattyBala at first hand, the next exiles were ousted by despised participants.

The next participants who will be with Kaio and Vitória do Exílio are Caique Aguiar, who has been collecting controversies, and Whendy Tavares. In the image obtained, the two are sitting side by side in the cave’s camera room. The public still doesn’t know how their elimination will happen, if it will be one at a time or the order, however, Caique and Whendy are no longer vying for the prize of R$500,000 and another of R$250,000.

Caique and Raphael are in the sights of other participants in ‘Ilha Record’

After sending Kaik straight to the challenge that made him Commander and trying to unite votes against him, Caíque Aguiar became the subject between Kaik, Fábio and Nakagima. During a conversation, the trio commented on the rivals’ behavior in the game. “Raphael and Caique are small now”, commented the Commander. “Raphael follows the wave of Caique. Rapha for Rapha has no strategy, he is lost“, commented Fabio.

In the testimonial booth, Raphael spoke about a conversation in which he questioned Jaciara if he is a target for the participants. “You can’t be silly. You think you’re not a target in here, you’re wavering.”

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