‘Ilha Record’ ends recording after low ratings and program repercussion

This Friday (29), Record ended work on “Ilha Record”. The recordings with the cast, which has the controversial Caíque Aguiar and Solange Gomes, two participants who are the protagonists of some fights, ended last week, but other commitments only ended now, such as the assembly of scenarios, as happened with the preparations for “A Fazenda 14 “, and additional calls. After almost 50 days, Mariana Rios and the show’s production can now return home.

Now the network works only in the editing room in an attempt to extract something from the program. “Record Island” is scheduled to go until Septemberbefore the premiere of the broadcaster’s biggest reality show, and the only definition of the public will be on the winner with the popular vote. According to Notícias da TV, the biggest concern of those who work in reality is the audience.

‘Ilha Record’ season with Sabrina Sato continues to have the highest average audience

Also according to the website, last Tuesday (26), the program recorded 3.3 points in Greater São Paulo, the second worst rating of the current season. and with a smaller audience than the rerun of the telenovela Amor Sem Igual, which received 3.5 points. Days before, the format reached its worst audience last Saturday (23), when it had registered 2.7 points. In the first season, the show’s lowest ratings were 4.6 points.

Presented by Sabrina Sato in the first season, the reality show averaged an audience of 6.9, compared to the current numbers, which is a drop of 43.8% from the numbers. Even with the significant drop, according to the website, “Ilha Record” is a favorite program of the broadcaster and, therefore, the chance of cancellation for next year is low., in addition to revenue continuing to be profitable. This year, four sponsors bought the season’s quota.

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