‘Ilha Record’: Caique Aguiar becomes a topic among the participants after controversy with Kaik. Understand!

Caíque Aguiar is standing out in the conversation circle of some participants of “Ilha Record”. After trying to join votes with Whendy and Raphael, the personal became the target of criticism from colleagues, especially from Vitória, first to go into Exile. On the other hand, the former panicat is no longer a priority for Aguiar after he refuses to follow his line of thought and vote for Kaik.

The misalignment between them started after a conversation in which Raphael, Whendy and Caique tried to convince the others to vote for Kaik, however, when it came to the former panicat’s turn to talk to Vitória, she received an alert. “He’s making everyone’s head,” Vitória shot at Caíque.. “Take the vision. Don’t make a deal like that. Too much strategy in a game that is also from the heart…”, advised Kaio.

Whendy reflected and before the vote had a conversation with Caique. “I might lose the award, but I’d rather leave with a clear head that I went for my heart, not influence,” Whendy explained. Solange Gomes, who plans revenge against the cast, was on time and advised: “You can’t pass for a manipulated person, ever”. “You said the person [Naka] was your priority because you saw it out there, did that person say you were too?”, asked Aguiar. “I think so”, replied Whendy. “I don’t think it’s an answer”, he countered, assuring that Whendy was no longer a priority for the Commander of the week.

Later, in conversation with Jaciara and Vitória, Whendy reinforced that he will not protect any group as Caíque suggested. “Whoever protects everyone, protects no one,” she pointed out. “He’s manipulating, I felt it,” he added.

At another time, Kaio countered about the Commander’s power that Caique supposedly would have when criticizing his colleague’s stance. “He wants to exert the influence of Commander”, defended Bruno. “But influence doesn’t exist. The Commander’s influence is for the test”, completed Kaio, disagreeing with Aguiar’s tactic in wanting to unite vote against Kaik. “One thing that happened to him, he took other people to take his pain and vote for Kaik. I didn’t agree”, said the funkeiro.

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