Ilaria Galassi, the former star of “Non è la Rai” is now a caregiver: “With that money I do the shopping”

In the 90s, her blonde bangs made thousands of kids fall in love with her every day It is not Rai. 27 years after the end of that adventure Ilaria Galassi she is a woman who had to reinvent herself after the pandemic caused the closure of the hairdressing salon where she worked. Today he is looking after a 90-year-old lady with which a special relationship has been established. He takes care of her, but she also receives attention and affection in return.

The present as a caregiver

Ilaria Galassi found herself working as a caregiver a bit by chance, as she told Fanpage: “A client told me she needed a woman to stay with her mother from 9am to 1pm. It wasn’t my job, so I didn’t like using it as one. I said to her: ‘I do it because that’s what I always did with my grandmother, but I don’t even want to be paid.’ I love doing it. Besides, I’m not working right now. I’ve sent my resume everywhere, but it’s hard to find work. Since I get bored of doing nothing, I said to myself: ‘What do I care, I do it’ and I agreed to take care of Ausilia ”.

“Every now and then he gives me some gifts and with that money I do the shopping. But it’s not like I’m going there because I’m getting paid. Right now, only my partner is working. We have to pay the rent. We arrive at the end of the month just tight, tight, tight” has explained. (smiles, ed). Their relationship is good for both of them: Mrs. Ausilia taught her to do things calmly and not to waste food, Ilaria instead helped to raise the old woman’s morale, who after the death of her sister with whom she lived in symbiosis ” she had thrown herself down a lot ”.

The audition for the famous Island went badly

This year the public could have found Galassi on TV, at theIsland of the famous, but the last audition taken was not successful: “[…] In the last one I got a little limp, because I had to start over, despite having done two more, in which I had already told myself well. In the end they told me: ‘You have many qualities, but you don’t know how to sell yourself’. I think they meant that I can’t sell myself in auditions, that it was flat. It’s like I got stuck. I got a little angry and I said that if I have to sell myself, I do it for my children, if they don’t have food and have no roof. To make the Island of the famous, it seems to me a really bad thing. Thank you and goodbye. I don’t know if next year they will allow me to do it again, I treated them a bit badly ”.

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