Igor Bareš shocks fans: The end of the theater!

“I will not play the theater anymore! It doesn’t bring me as much joy as before. Big things are quite stressful for me, “the actor said and tried to explain his decision with a demanding performance in Prague’s Viola Skorpios on the horizon, which is a dialogue between Winston Churchill and Greta Garbo. “Winston is in a wheelchair just before he dies, but he’s still a great fighter.

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It’s a big task for actors to play in a wheelchair when they don’t have additional support. And Viola is small, it’s clearly there, “he described Bares. It was in this performance that Bareš made a lot of mistakes in recent weeks. “Colleague Klára Cibulková elegantly chose it and saved it. But then I thought I wouldn’t try anything so big anymore. It is something else to play the Rain Merchant at the Vinohrady Theater. I like the game and I feel good on stage, “Igor added, adding that he still wants to cut with the stage. Among other things, because he is depressed in the early evening trips to the theater, where he has to give his best.

She’s filming Bastards

Bareš is currently shooting Bastardi 4: Reparát with director Tomáš Magnusek (37). In theaters, fans can now see the actors in the movie Expired.

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