If you need to take a day off, choose Wednesday

You still have days to ask before the next vacation and you plan to be away on a Friday or Monday to enjoy a long weekend? This may not be a very good idea.

According to a recent American study (source 1), it would be best to take a break in the middle of the week. Indeed, it would be more restorative to rest one day a week than enjoying a long weekend. The key to rest would be to benefit from a day where you can truly be at your own pace.

Harmonize your internal clock

“Everyone has a different chronotype. Some people move slower, others faster. However, the work does not take this into account, it is he who regulates the speed at which each must move”, details Dawna Ballard , professor of communication at the University of Texas at Austin (USA). She points out that one-off events (such as a work project due) can temporarily restructure our lives, but cyclical and repetitive rhythms have a significant psychological influence on our balance. Precisely, five days of work then two days of rest imposes on each one a rhythm which surpasses that which is specific to him.

“The week obviously keeps repeating itself and so because it keeps repeating itself it develops real power. In the same way that the sun, the diurnal cycle, keeps repeating itself, it is incredibly powerful because we We are also cyclical organisms”, underlines Dawna Ballard. Often employees feel a blues on Monday because they come out of a weekend that they were able to live at their own pace. In addition to enjoying a day at your own pace, this weekly break allows you to harmonize your body and your internal clock.

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