If you also have salary account in this bank, then you will get free facility of one crore rupees

Big news has come out for the salaried class. In fact, Bank of India has offered such an account for the salaried class, in which they can get benefits up to one crore rupees. Bank of India has named this account as Salary Plus Account Scheme. Such information has been given by the bank through Twitter account. Let us also tell you what is the specialty of this salary account after all.

Salary plus account declaration
According to the information given by Bank of India, three types of salary accounts have been provided in the Salary Plus Account Scheme. In which the first account is for para military force, central and state government employees. The second account is for people working in universities, colleges and public sector undertakings. At the same time, the third account has been made for the employees of the private sector. There is no hassle of maintaining salary account. This facility is available only in the salary account.

One crore rupees will be available for free
This special account holder of the bank has been given the facility of free accidental insurance up to Rs 1 crore. At the same time, the bank also provides accidental death cover up to Rs 30 lakh to the customers with salary account. In fact, free air accident cover up to Rs 1 crore is being given to the salary account holder.

Many more facilities will be available

  • Overdraft facility up to Rs 2 lakh is available on the bank’s special salary account.
  • Under the overdraft facility, if there is no balance in the account of an account holder, then up to Rs 2 lakh can be withdrawn.
  • Giving Gold International Credit Card to the account holder for free. Customers will get 100 checks leave free annually.
  • No AMC charge will be levied on Demat accounts.

for private jobs
On the other hand, if we talk about private jobs, then they can take advantage of the new salary account of Bank of India. Even if his salary is 10000 rupees per month. There is no minimum balance required in this account. The salary account holder will get a group personal accident death insurance cover of Rs 5 lakh. Everyone will get free global debit cum ATM.

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