"If we don’t touch, we don’t eat": Samy Sandoval clarifying that they are not "planned"

Marilyn Eyebrows

Samy Sandoval denied through a video posted on his Instagram account that neither he nor Sandra belong to any payroll of the current government.

This, before some publications on social networks where Los Patrones de la Cumbia appear and for the third consecutive year, they have wanted to link them with the government; so Samy came out against these accusations and denied it.

“…last time I gave my ID…let them look for it, look for it so we can see if we’re on the list, if we don’t play, we don’t eat, and we have to play, and in a pandemic what we had to do was figure out how to do the Lives, let’s see what we did, so if we don’t play, we don’t eat, that’s how we are, like all musicians, just the same, we live from music “Samy clarified.


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