If there are 50000 posts in REET exam, the final cut off may be less, the release of 3rd grade recruitment is likely to be released soon.

Final cut off may be less if there are 50000 posts in REET exam, due to increase in the number of posts in third class recruitment in Rajasthan, the final cut off is likely to be very less, government will increase the post in reet exam or not, it is not decided yet, government After the permission of the third grade teacher recruitment advertisement will be issued.

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About 15 lakh candidates had appeared in the REET exam held on 26 September 2021 in the state of Rajasthan. Although this exam has been done for the recruitment of 31000 posts. 16000 posts are of REET Level 1 and 15000 posts are of 2nd level. But at this time all the candidates are demanding to increase the posts in REET Recruitment. All the candidates want that the posts of teachers should be increased from 31000 to 50000 so that more and more candidates can get jobs.

You all know this thing that for the last two and a half years, Third Grade Teacher’s have not been recruited. Due to repeated cancellation of Reet Exam too many candidates have lost. That’s why now all the candidates want the number of posts. be increased. If the number of posts is increased to 50000, then the candidates of Reet Level 1 and Reet Level 2 will be greatly benefited and the cutoff may drop significantly.

The government does not want the number of posts to be increased

  • Under REIT Recruitment 2021, the government does not want the number of posts to be increased because the main reason for this is also the upcoming assembly elections. The government wants that at present only 31000 posts should be recruited through this recruitment.
  • The second compulsion of the government is also financial provisions behind not increasing the number of posts in REET Recruitment 2021. Because the budget of only 31000 posts has been fixed by the government. That is why it is not possible for the government to increase the number of posts at this time.

There are also some reasons due to which the number of posts can be increased.

  • There are also some reasons in front of the government due to which the number of posts can be increased. The biggest reason is that the Reet Exam has been conducted after about two and a half years. For 1 year, the recruitment got complicated due to coronavirus. I have been
  • Along with this, when the REET examination was conducted, the REET examination has also been in a lot of controversies regarding the cases of copying.
  • That’s why now in total from last 3 years Rajasthan 3rd Grade Teacher Recruitment has not been recruited, due to which the number of vacant posts in schools has also increased. For this reason, the government can now increase the number of posts.
  • In the upcoming budget, more than 500 closed schools will be opened, due to which more teachers will be required to teach in the school. Therefore, the number of posts can be increased to 50000 by the government.

Reet Cutoff 2021 may go up from 110 to 125 if the number of posts increases

If the number of posts under REET 2021 is increased to 50000, then due to increase in the number of posts, the Reet Cutoff will also go down significantly. Experts believe that the cutoff can reach from 110 to 125 marks. If the government increases the posts, then along with increasing the posts, more and more unemployed will also get jobs, due to which the unemployment rate in the state will also decrease.

After passing the reet exam, one more exam will have to be given

  • Changing the pattern of Third Grade Teacher Recruitment Exam is also being considered by the government. A long time ago, during the review by the Chief Minister, it was said that next time one more examination would be organized for the successful candidates in the REET examination.
  • REET is only an eligibility test, so after REET, candidates will have to appear for one more test. Along with the government, the education department also believes that the quality of teachers will also improve if there are two examinations.

Release can be issued only after the permission of the government

When the REET exam was conducted, the REET result has been released by the Board of Secondary Education, Ajmer only 36 days after the conduct. Even after the release of the results, the printing of certificates has not been started by the board. Because till now this REET Recruitment 2021 is stuck in Rajasthan High Court. Unless special permission is given by the Rajasthan High Court as well as by the government, the release will not be issued by the board.

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