"If only that was the problem…" : Karine Baste-Régis, joker at 20 hours of Anne-Sophie Lapix, attacks the government!

If she is highly appreciated for her professionalism by viewers of France 2 in her role as Anne-Sophie Lapix’s joker at 8 p.m. on France 2, Karine Baste Régis nevertheless remains a committed journalist who does not hesitate to take the floor to give his opinion on sometimes sensitive subjects. Last July, the Martiniquaise had split a spicy remark with regard to Charlotte Caubel, freshly appointed Secretary of State in charge of children, at the end of the ministerial reshuffle. The latter had assured, on RCJ Radio, that “violence against children and sexual violence against minors” were one of his priorities.

Very concerned by this cause, the former journalist of Télématin decided again to challenge the government on Tuesday August 2 from his Twitter account. Child protection is a priority and should be everyone’s cause”, had declared earlier the Secretary of State at the microphone of Frédéric Rivière on the airwaves of RFI. Something to make the acting presenter of the 20 hours of France 2 react again. “Free speech… Madam Secretary of State, if only that was the problem…, she lamented. And to add: “If only France would protect our children…”.

The day after this cry from the heart pushed on Twitter, the mother of the family wanted to challenge the government again about the child protection bill advanced to the National Assembly. “Substantive work and legal text… Hypothetical future. Desired but hypothetical“, she chanted. “But what about the current terrible gaps and flaws?”, she blurted out then.

Charlotte Caubel, for her part, wanted to send a strong message by tweeting: “There is a blind spot in our country, it is the violence committed against children. Adults can talk, children not always. We must lift the veil on this violence and free speech. If you hear something, if you have any doubts, call 119.”


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