If most Belgians had to wait until December, good news for some households: they have already received the federal bonuses for electricity and gas!

The federal government decided in September to reduce the energy bill for families in November and December. A monthly support of 61 euros will intervene in the electricity costs while we mentioned 135 euros for gas. In October, this measure was extended until March inclusive.

Last week, however, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo indicated that this bonus would not be ready for November. The reduction planned for this month would then be added to that of December.

But it now emerges that some providers will be able to calculate this reduction already this month. Most companies have in the meantime received lists of customers who can claim such bonuses, and the royal decree which governs the financing of the authorities should still be published this week.

Suppliers should therefore be able to start including these reductions “from the end of next week”. Several big players are trying to make this happen again this month, comments Van den Bosch. For some families, the reduction planned for December may even be integrated into the November invoice in order to reduce administrative procedures.

As most invoices are due by the end of next week, many households will not get a rebate this month. They will benefit from a double count in December.

Marc Van den Bosch calls on customers not to call their supplier if they do not see the reduction appear on their invoice and invites them to be vigilant against phishing attempts. “Everything will be done automatically,” he assures.

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