“If it’s less than 7 hours, drive!: the advice of a flight attendant that surprises passengers

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For these dates, it is not advisable to travel by plane in USA and so a flight attendant made it clear. She gave a list of tips that will help passengers on their next flights. The post turned viral in Facebook and surprised thousands of users.

The canceled flights and the shortage of personnel in the airlines have led a flight attendant to alert passengers and give them some advice for their next trips, according to what it indicates FOX 32 Chicago.

“I feel like as a flight attendant, I should try to share some tips to help you get around by plane for the foreseeable future,” Kristie Koerbel posted on her blog. Facebook account.

The flight attendant, Kristie Koerbel, recalled that it is not opportune to travel by plane at this time in the United States. (Reference photo: Pixabay/Mircea).

What are the tips that airline passengers should keep in mind?

American flight attendant Kristie drew up a list based on her experience and caused controversy for going bluntly. We present it below:

  • Things are not going well… if it’s less than 7 hours – DRIVE!”
  • “Download and use the app of the airline you fly with.”
  • “Fly A LOT earlier than you need to, a whole day earlier if that matters!”
  • “ALWAYS fly the first flight in the morning.”
  • “Schedule long layovers – your 1 hour layover is NOT enough anymore.”
  • “Avoid connecting in Newark (or any New York airport).”
  • “Be nice. As stated above, we are overworked and tired. We won’t help you if you’re bad.”
  • “Being drunk on a plane is a federal crime, so don’t overdo it.”
  • “Get travel insurance if you have a lot of money invested.”
  • “Don’t be ‘That Guy.’ Don’t delay boarding because you have the extenders open until they break and you don’t know how to fit them into the ceiling.”
  • “Shower, brush your teeth, put on your perfume, don’t eat stinky food.”
  • “Bring a sweater if you tend to get cold.”
  • “For the love of God, wear shoes to the bathroom!!!”
  • “Don’t tell a flight attendant that they look tired. We are and we know it. You can make us cry ugly right there in the kitchen.”

How many flights have airlines canceled in the United States?

In accordance with FOX 32 Chicago, airlines canceled more than 1,500 flights in the United States, a more than worrying figure. This fact is due to the summer season and the worst dates, so far, occurred last week.

How many plane passengers are there per day in the United States?

The number of air passengers in the United States, according to the website, exceeds 2.2 million per day.

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