"If I haven’t taken the pill before…" : Stéphane Plaza talks openly about his sexuality on RTL!

Stéphane Plaza never ceases to amuse the troops. At each appearance, the real estate agent makes those around him laugh, with his personality, his sympathy, his humor and since May 9, his zero taboo credo. Invited by Laurent Ruquier on his show “The Big Heads” broadcast on RTLthe most popular apartment hunter in France has completely let go, especially when it comes to his sex life and the little boost he needs to awaken his libido.

When asked if his posture as ambassador of the Foire de Paris made it easier for him to meet people, Stéphane Plaza replied: “Never! At 51 now you know, I have to plan the thing. If I haven’t taken the pill before, I can’t shoot. And if you take it when you don’t, you sleep on the crutch and it’s very boring. From a certain age, everything is calculated and I’m there”. Hugo Manos’ companion, half surprised, did not fail to give him a new nickname, “Stephane Viagra”which made him react. “You ask me questions, I answer you. You know, I have a lot of worries”, he explained. Freewheeling, he then revealed that he took a viagra pill about two hours before the act, and sometimes two.

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