Idols who look up to BTS and show it with their covers

BTS is one of the most popular groups, leaving their mark in the history of K-Pop, they have inspired many other artists within music, they have shown their fanaticism for Bangtan with different tributes as covers.

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The impact of BTS is not only visible within your fandom and all the actions he performs motivated with what his idols favorites do and preach in their songs; the messages that Bangtan Sonyeondan has spread throughout the world, they have managed to touch millions of hearts.

But not only that, his story full of work, effort and dedication also serves as model to follow for many others artists What do you see in the members of Bangtan as great examples of what should be done within the music industry.

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Many members of different groupings of K-Pop they have confessed to be bts fans and they even show that they know each song and choreography of the boy band, is where the footprint is more noticeable than the Bangtan Boys have left in the musical genre.

And a way to surrender tribute and prove your true admiration is with a cover, there are soloists and idol groups who have covered some of Bangtan’s songs maybe with a different style, but with the intention of showing the great respect they have towards BTS.

7 covers other idols have made of BTS songs

1. TXT – Dynamite

TXT belongs to the same agency that BTS and their idols are like the younger brothers of the Bangtan Boys, they have shown their admiration for Bangtan on different occasions and have also released covers of their songs as they did with this version of ‘Dynamite’.

2. ENHYPEN – Boy With Luv

The members of ENHYPEN They also see BTS as a role model within music and that is why they delighted the world by covering ‘Boy With Luv’ with a new style but without losing the intention of showing his admiration for Bangtan.

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At the 2019 Thailand K-CON, ONEUS He appeared with an excellent cover of the song ‘DNA’ of BTS, demonstrating his fanaticism for the group with a great way of singing and very well executed choreography.

4. The Boyz – Boy In Luv

During his presentation at the 2018 DMC Festival, The Boyz they decided to shock the public with an incredible cover of the song ‘Boy In Luv’ BTS original, thus they only showed us the adaptability of their talents, but also a tribute to Bangtan.


For the cover of the song ‘IDOL’ from BTS, idols from different groups joined, VICTON, ASTRO and PENTAGON lent their talents to cover this original Bangtan track, that’s how Subin, Sejun, JinJin, Sanha, Rocky, Wooseok, and Kino showed their admiration for BTS.

6. WEi-Spring Day

WEi It is a very young boy band and in these cases it is where the impact of BTS on new idols is most noticeable, because the members of this group made a great cover of ‘Spring Day’ to show his admiration for Bangtan.

7. Eric Nam – Euphoria

On ‘Love Yourself: Answer’ we found the song ‘Euphoria’ from BTS that was once covered by the soloist Eric Nam, a singer who gave a new style to the original Bangtan track but also showed his admiration for the group.

Definitely, these covers have a lot of quality and are made with all the respect and admiration for BTS, there is no doubt that their impact reaches many other artists who are building their own history.

But also BTS has covered their favorite bands, such as Jungkook’s song ‘Falling’ by Harry Styles.

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