Ida Wohlert: Got a boyfriend in the local trailer park – then the police task force came storming

44-year-old Ida Wohlert has long since established her name as host of, among other things, ‘Go’ tomorrow Denmark ‘.

But long before she went down the path of her journalistic TV career, she took a peek at exchanges in the United States. And that stay did not go smoothly, she says in the premiere episode of Radio4’s new program, ‘Portrait album‘, where the former DR radio host Anders Bøtter draws a portrait of his guest, based on a music album they have chosen.

There was already a picture of what her stay in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma would be like before she left.

“I still remember the day when the envelope with my destination dumps into the letterbox at home,” says Ida Wohlert.

“I don’t even get to pick it up until my American stepfather grabs it, tears it up and collapses in convulsions because it says‘ OK ’for Oklahoma. Then he just says, ‘you have a nice stay, honey,’ and then I leave. He knew very well that there was a long year ahead. “

But she left.

However, it was not a very ordinary high school she had to go to, but rather a strict, Catholic private school, where nuns and monks were in charge of teaching.

On top of this, it was not a completely ordinary host family she was installed with when the couple was only 23 years old.

A young Ida Wohlert with her host family.  Photo: Private

A young Ida Wohlert with her host family. Photo: Private

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“They were very young. Christie and Russell, as they were called. That’s where I ended up (…) They were insanely cute and took me to everything, rave parties and stuff like that. “

Friends at school got Ida Wohlert none of, but instead she met a guy named Marshall, who lived with his parents in a trailer park.

The two became lovers.

“We were always sitting up in his room, and one evening I heard a huge bang (…) But then it was simply the police task force that came and overthrew the whole house. It turned out that they were huge dope dealers, not just like that right next door, but for pretty much the whole area. “

However, as Ida Wohlert describes it, they miraculously ended up not being convicted, as they did not have any drugs in the house at the time.

“But they had it then at all sorts of other times.”

You can hear the entire episode of ‘Portrait Album’ with Ida Wohlert here or on Radio4 on Friday at 17.05

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