"I’d be lying if I said I’m fine" : after the revelations on his state of health, the cry of the heart of Celine Dion on Instagram

She loved him madly. A love that questioned many people, especially because of their age difference. But when we see the grief in which Celine Dion has been plunged since the death of René Angélil, no one can doubt the sincerity of the feelings she had for him. And even less today, when she pays him a heartbreaking tribute on his Instagram account. Indeed, this Friday, January 14, the Quebec star celebrated a sad anniversary. That of the disappearance of her husband, who left on January 14, 2016 following throat cancer. An event that will not help his state of health which does not seem to be in good shape according to Valérie Lemercier.

The latter, playing in the biopic inspired by the life and career of Celine Dion, Aline, relied heavily on this film to “get closer” to the artist and have her feelings about the project. However, at the microphone of France Inter on Thursday January 13, Valérie Lemercier regretted the fact that René’s widow had not yet seen the film. Worse still, she was worried about her health and the fact that we hadn’t heard from us for several months now.“We haven’t heard from, nobody’s heard from for two years, we haven’t seen her face, she canceled dates…” she regretted before being reassuring about the state of health of the star: “I feel like it’s not going very well. I hope it’s going to get better. But I think she’s in other spheres. And hopefully one day she will see it. “

This Friday, January 14, Celine Dion finally gave “news”. However, fans would have hoped for more positive ones given that the reason for his exit on social media was heartbreaking. The artist taking over her Instagram account to pay tribute to her husband, as our colleagues from Gala remind us. In a long text written in English, accompanying a snapshot of the love of his life, the Quebec star wrote:“I would be lying if I said I was fine”. Before continuing:“I think of you at least a hundred times, because in the echo of my voice I hear your words as if you were there… I miss you – Céline”. A cry from the heart that strongly reacted to his fans who gave him a lot of love and support in the comments…

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