Iconic The Walking Dead character would have a very different fate

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The Walking Dead ended its 11th season, but the zombie universe is still alive, with several other spin-off series in development.

With some shocking moments in the last episode, an iconic character from the series would have a very different fate than what was presented on screen.

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In a recent interview with slashfilmthe showrunner of the first season, Frank Darabont, comments that Andrea would have a crucial role in the series.

“Laurie’s role on The Walking Dead was planned by me to have a substantial character arc that never happened,” said Darabont.

“She would go from being a mentally disturbed, super self-absorbed, severely traumatized and angry girl to the opposite end of the spectrum: your most trusted soldier, a sharpshooter and a grown woman who becomes wholly dedicated to self-sacrifice and protecting the world. group,” he commented.

Additionally, Laurie Holden’s character Andrea’s relationship with other characters would have been explored differently.

“Her relationship with Dale would blossom into a very deep situation from May to December, a real marriage based on deep and abiding feelings and respect,” he revealed. “I look for characters and situations based on confused and complicated feelings, as happens in life.”

Also according to Darabont, the character was never intended to be a love interest for Rick, and would not be killed off either.

“And no, she was never intended to be Rick’s love interest, as I read somewhere. She was never meant to be thrown away like zombie food. Nor Dale, for that matter. Neither is Glenn,” concluded the showrunner.

Character is considered one of the most hated in the series

While Darabont’s plan didn’t pan out, with AMC firing the showrunner during season two, Andrea didn’t win over audiences.

The character was one of the most hated in the series, and had a cruel fate, killing herself after seeing that she was becoming a walker.

Without being a protector of the group, Andrea finds herself caught between her loyalty to Rick and her romance with the Governor, leader of a rival community and villain in the series.

Andrea’s fate would be worse. After facing the Governor in search of redemption, she is trapped in a room with a zombie and bitten. Because of this, she took her life, as mentioned earlier.

Additionally, Andrea’s relationship with Dale played out very differently from Robert Kirkman’s comics for the series.

Dale becomes something of a father figure to the character, but he ends up dying at the end of season two by a zombie.

Darabont’s plan could have changed Andrea’s trajectory on The Walking Dead, and the character might still be alive.

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