Icardi crawls at his feet, Wanda Nara swings everything

Despite their separation, Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara continue to make people talk. The two ex continue to spread their private life in the media. This time, the agent says more about their disagreements and the attacker’s regrets.

When the name of Mauro Icardi appears in the press, the sporting aspect is only rarely mentioned. His loan spell at Galatasaray has clearly taken a back seat in recent months. And for good reason, the striker under contract with Paris Saint-Germain is talked about because of his separation from Wanda Nara. The two exes are not shy about exposing their problems. This time, it’s the agent who swings on one of their differences.

The truth is, I had five children, nursed them all, raised them and devoted myself to them for 10 years.Argentina told Vanity Fair magazine. I had recently told Mauro that I wanted to go back to work, but he didn’t like it. In Argentina, they continue to offer me programs to host and I really like television. »

This does not mean that I would have neglected the children: Mauro trains two hours a day, the rest of the time he is at home. He can help me, right? Instead, he doesn’t like the idea that my attention is no longer on the family.she said. While for me, independence is essential, it is the path to freedom. So two days out of three, he tries to win me back. »

Icardi does not give up

The other day he picked me up from the airport with a car full of flowers, then he took me to dinner and he said, “I’m not giving up.” Fine, but I already know that if we get back together and in two months I tell him about a new job offer, we’ll be back to square one. In addition, Mauro lives in the world of football where wives rarely work and career women are discriminated against. “, criticized Wanda Nara, ready to turn the page, or to talk about their couple again.

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