Ian’s energy bill, who has to live on dialysis, has more than doubled: he’s forced to leave the heating off, ‘my daughter warms me up with hugs’

Like many, Ian has seen his energy bill skyrocket. This has gone from £50 per month to £400, or just over €460 per month. The 41-year-old father suffers from chronic kidney failure and has to live on dialysis. Despite this, he was forced to leave his heating off.

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Due to measures to combat the energy crisis, the teacher can only do dialysis in the hospital for 12 hours a week. Yet he needs 20 to stay healthy. It is therefore from home that he fills the remaining 8 hours.

Ian explains that he is well helped by his family to fight against the cold. The Mirror indeed indicates that Lyra, his granddaughter, brings him blankets, prepares him hot drinks and hugs him to warm him up.

The dad has moving words when he talks about all that his child does for him: “She is wonderful and should not have to do it. We should be able to afford to turn on the heating. She even helped me when I had major bleeding before or even had seizures during dialysis because my blood pressure dropped so low. She’s an amazing little girl.”

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