“I wrote 400 articles a year, I asked to be hired but they left me at home”: in Genoa, the garrison for the precarious workers of the Republic

Part of Genoa the mobilization against insecurity in journalism proclaimed together with the state of agitation by the “Coordination of the precarious of the Republic”, took to the streets with the union for challenge the dismissal of three journalists “Guilty” of having asked for his own stabilization “after more than ten years of fake collaboration”. “I wrote an average of 400 articles a year – explains a ilFattoQuotidiano.it Massimiliano Salvo, in charge of crime reporting for the Genoese editorial staff of the newspaper, fired in January by the company for having started the lawsuit – They left me at home after asking for stabilization. I was warned: the union is risky for a precarious worker ”. The same fate befell Valerio Tripi, collaborator from Palermo since 1999. At the “Republic of the precarious”, as the organizers called today’s garrison, substantially all Genoese journalists present: “It is the first time in the history of the newspaper that an organized movement of precarious journalists pushes up to this point in a political union dispute – explains Salvo – This battle against the precariat and the exploitation it does not concern only us, expelled from the Republic for having asked for a contract, but all the journalists, photographers and precarious videomakers of newspapers, websites, agencies, televisions ”. A difficult dispute as evidenced by the fact that from a coordination that brought together about 90 precarious workers, 40 cases have been threatened, of which only four have actually been initiated. The company’s response, moreover, was very direct: the leaders of the protest were put at the door.

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