"I won’t lie to you" : Julien (Star Academy) finally balances the real reason for his refusal to dance in heels

Did his declaration play on his elimination? Yet darling of the public, Julien was eliminated last weekend, with Stanislas, of the star Academy. A few days earlier, the young man caused controversy after refusing the request of dance teacher Yanis Marshall. This one indeed asking his student to dance in heels. “I’m sorry, I can’t do that, it’s impossible, I don’t, it’s dead. You can give me 100,000 bucks, I don’t. It’s my dignity, it’s dead”he let go a bit upset.

Following this release, many Internet users attacked the candidate of the star Academy, sometimes being violent in their remarks. A few days later, what about this controversy? Or rather, what is the true version of this story? Julien precisely gave his during his visit to Yann Barthès in Daily. It was Stanislas who spoke first and who explained that “vswas the time when we could let go […] and then we bring out the feminine side in the masculine”, in reference to this famous dance class in which they had to wear heels. The perfect opportunity for the host who challenged Julien on this subject.

Julien was afraid for his ankle

“In fact I had a little trouble, because I was especially apprehensive about breaking my ankle especially”tried to defend himself the ex-candidate of the star Academy which did not convince Yann Barthès. “No! You talked about dignity!”he retorted before Julien recognized: “Yes. I actually said that word. After that, I’m a very, very, very clumsy guy, I use words that inevitably… which sometimes go beyond my thoughts, I’m not going to lie to you.”

He continued to defend himself by highlighting his apprehension of injuring himself. “No, but here it is, I just didn’t feel it, I really didn’t want to hurt my ankle”he continued before concluding by giving another reason: “And even then, I was sick just before…well, I really didn’t want to get to the prime and be really dead what”. A defense that was not really unanimous on the set.

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