“I will survive”: what happened to Elsa Ruiz and why will she enter the psychiatric area of ​​a hospital

Elsa Ruiz’s confession during the program “I will Survive”, Presented by Nagore Robles on MiTele Plus, has left not only all those present on the set speechless, but all viewers. The famous Spanish comedian and streamer announced her retirement from television and the stage to enter a psychiatric center.

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According to what he said Elsa ruiz In the Spanish program, in the last year she has been subjected to a lot of pressure and the harassment she has suffered on social networks has been the last straw. Thus, with a broken voice, he released some heartfelt words about his mental health. An important and delicate message that the comedian later replicated on her networks, where she received many messages of affection and support.


The afternoon of Tuesday, November 23, in the broadcast of the program “I will Survive”, Elsa Ruiz announced her decision to leave the program, leave TV and the stage for a long time and enter a hospital to treat her depression and anxiety. “This is not going to be easy for me, but surely you have noticed, because I put it in my networks and others, that I am not going through a good stage psychologically”Ruiz began.

Elsa Ruiz announces that she is leaving “Survive” due to health problems (Photo: MiTele Plus)

The Madrilenian revealed that she is with depression and anxiety, and being treated with medication; however, despite having been at it for a long time, the situation is not improving. This is how Elsa Ruiz revealed something that no one knew. “Two months ago, I tried to commit suicide by taking two blisters of pills and I was admitted. And last Sunday, I had to go to the emergency room because I had several anxiety attacks that I could not go down “he confessed.

“All this comes because, for a year or so, I have suffered harassment in networks that does not stop going down and it has affected me a lot personally and emotionally”explained the collaborator of the program.


As a result of this latest episode, the comedian received the suggestion of a psychiatrist to enter a medical center. “I have tried to endure as long as possible in this program, because I love being here, because I love you very much. I also love the team very much and I will have to leave ‘Survive’ because I will have to enter the psychiatric area of ​​a hospital and I will leave everything I do: the performances, the videos and everything “, he pointed.

“I have to rebuild my pieces, look for some, but a piece of me will always be here, with you, and I hope to return soon,” said the Madrilenian.

Nagore Robles, presenter of "Sobreviviré", in tears at the confessions of Elsa Ruiz (Photo: MiTele Plus)
Nagore Robles, presenter of “Sobreviviré”, in tears at the confessions of Elsa Ruiz (Photo: MiTele Plus)

“Mental health is a serious problem that must be managed. The biggest cause of death among young people is suicide “, said Ruiz to highlight later that “It’s something horrible, I’ve tried it and I don’t want anyone to have to try it”.

At another time I send a message of support to people who are going through a process of depression and anxiety: “I send you a hug, you are totally valid people”.

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