"I will have to pass over my body" : ready to do anything for her children, the wife of Jean-Marie Bigard, Lola Marois, explodes

It’s no ! Since the start of the pandemic, we have known the position of Jean-Marie Bigard, firmly opposed to the vaccine and a bit conspiratorial on certain points. On the other hand, we do not know what his companion, Lola Marois, thinks about it. She precisely gave her opinion on the set of TPMP this Friday, January 14. Although she calls herself “neither pro-vax nor anti-vax”, she still chose a camp when it comes to vaccinating children. For the singer and actress, it is unthinkable to have her twins Jules and Bella vaccinated.

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“I am neither pro-vax nor anti-vax, I am nothing at all!”, she warned at first before indicating that she was giving science a chance: “I am a mother, I try to trust! I want to take a step towards medicine. We are told all the same, without being pro-vax, that serious forms are avoided in adults who have comorbidities, etc.” A discourse therefore tending towards the side of the pro-vaccine. Especially since she added: “Why with this reasoning, it does not seem that serious forms can be avoided in children who have comorbidities, who have fragile health or who are immunocompromised?”. However, when we approach the subject of children, the companion of Jean-Marie Bigard completely changes her mind.

While Cyril Hanouna asked her if she was ready to give the necessary doses to Jules and Bella, the actress of Plus Belle la Vie replied firmly: “Absolutely not! I am completely against it, I will have to go over my body to vaccinate my children today!”. But as for her speech in favor of the vaccine, Lola Marois nuanced the rest of her remarks by asking that we stop, whether we are for or against the vaccine, to scare with countless messages all more worrying than the others : “On the other hand, I think we have to stop with these messages which are anxiety-provoking, which are deleterious to the mental health of our children and parents. All of this is very bad for our mental health! everyone, it’s not possible. We can’t advocate a vaccine for children when the risk benefit is also… Well, we’re swimming in delirium!”

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