"I will burst it"the darling of Camille Lellouche broadcasts a photo of her bald, the comedian threatens him

Camille Lellouche is ready to welcome her baby… Via her Instagram story, Wednesday August 3, 2022, the one who is used to confiding in her pregnancy indeed declared: “I just spent three days washing everything, putting everything away, preparing the baby’s room […] … Everything is ready ! »

If the comedian speaks freely of the new role of mother who awaits her from October 2022, the latter remains very mysterious as to the identity of the man who shares her life and with whom she is about to start a family.

And for good reason, “The dad is a discreet man, who wants to remain discreet in the most total discretion”, she explained last July 31 to her two million subscribers on Instagram. “I’m with someone amazing. Frankly, I couldn’t ask for more. He does the cleaning, he tidies up, he makes the meals… He takes good care of me, he takes care of everything”the 36-year-old also said.

More recently, the one who is on the stage of Marrakech laughter recently has again confided in the one who shares his life. This Thursday, August 4, 2022, Camille Lellouche indeed shared the following message on Instagram: “When I say to my lover ‘What are you doing?’ This is what he sends me, followed by a video montage of her dancing… But without hair!

“Poohahahah”she reacted afterwards. “I’m going to bust it”she added, accompanied by many emojis who died of laughter… Obviously, the mysterious stranger shares the same humor as his sweetheart.

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