"I was fired because of you!" ; live on TPMP, Jeanine, 67, announces to Cyril Hanouna shocked, that he is responsible for the loss of his job!

The sad testimonies are linked on the set of the program “Touche pas à mon poste”. After the anger of the bakers and the dismay of the restaurateurs, this time it is the retirees who come to express their pain and rant against Cyril Hanouna and his columnists. This Wednesday, January 11, 2023, two retirees were indeed present to confide in their respective complicated situations.

Jeanine, a 67-year-old retiree forced to continue working to get by revealed that she cannot make ends meet: “It’s not easy but I have no choice. I’m already exposed on the 12th of the month so you can imagine yourself afterwards…” immediately declared the cleaning lady. “When I was 55 years old and I worked at Bouygues, I said to myself: ‘retirement soon, in 5-6 years I might not be there because retirement was set at 60 at the time, but hey I I dreamed…”.

Cyril Hanouna then asked his guest how she manages to get by on a daily basis. Jeanine then replied that she found herself in this complicated situation because of the host: “I was fired because of you!“ she launched. “Yes, because once I was there, we were discussing purchasing power and I had talked about the cost of increasing mileage costs and La Voix du Nord didn’t like it. I was working there, I distributed the newspapers in the morning, six days a week!” she clarified.

Something to shock Cyril Hanouna: “It’s still incredible, they fired you for that? How did it happen, they called you?”. And the main interested party to answer: “They phoned me and they phoned my colleagues, they had more right to talk to me because I was a” boring “because I asked for mileage costs, it makes sense since we use our vehicle!”.


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