"I was drugged, high" : Journalist Mireille Dumas in a daze … for an astonishing reason!

This Saturday, November 20, 2021, Eric Dussart and Jade received journalist Mireille Dumas in their program “We remake the TV” on RTL. The opportunity for the former host of “Private life, public life: the weekly” to return to the collapse of the studio while she was interviewing the comedian Pierre Palmade. It was in 2010 but Mireille Dumas remembers it as if it were yesterday. “I am oblivious to the danger, we see that I take a long time to realize (that the studio collapses, editor’s note)”, she remembers, with a smile, reviewing the images of this show. “We could all have died (…) The ceiling fell, it collapsed”, underlines the journalist who admits to never having returned to this studio. We can understand it!

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“I took a shot”

During this same interview, Mireille Dumas remembered another interview that turned into a nightmare. This time, it was in the program “Bas les masques”, devoted to women in prison. The former host of France 3 was in fact taken with a huge laugh. Very ill, Mireille Dumas did not wish to cancel the filming of her show. Finally, maybe she should have! Suffering from a big bronchitis with more than 39 ° of fever, Mireille Dumas had brought a cough syrup. But taking the latter was not without consequence … “I was drugged, stoned”, begins Mireille Dumas before explaining: “It was absolutely necessary to turn. (…) And as I was coughing constantly , I had brought a bottle of syrup, which I had placed under my seat “. The problem is that Mireille Dumas did not respect the indications on the bottle. A big mistake! “I drank like whey throughout the interview. I took a shot”, she reveals before continuing: “All of a sudden, I had a fit of giggles. I couldn’t be stopped anymore. (…) You can imagine, facing these women … “. In a daze, Mireille Dumas had to be evacuated by firefighters. “Everyone heard me. It was terrible,” she says again. A memorable memory.


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