"I want us to be more than friends …" : Michou declares his love for Elsa, before a first kiss!

On Friday 19 November 2021, a new issue of Dance with the stars and not the least since it was the semi-final! Aurélie Pons was eliminated at the end of this bonus, in favor of Michou. Because it is the young 20-year-old Youtubeur who found himself with the actress to depend on the votes of the public. Tayc and Bilal Hassani had already managed to qualify for the final. And once the results are known, Michou did not hide his joy, he who would never have thought of going so far in the adventure.

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An exceptional career that he owes in large part to Elsa Wood as he was able to recognize. “It’s thanks to Elsa, she pushes me up, I couldn’t have had a better dance partner, we both get along too well, we complement each other a bit, we are a duo with good chemistry“, he assured during a magneto broadcast before their first dance, Because it’s you, by Vianney and Mentissa. A title somewhat representative of his feelings towards her.

Elsa is my meeting of the year, this music and this dance is the opportunity to make a pretty statement. With Elsa it’s complicated, in fact we’re friends but I think I want us to be more than friends but I can not !“, he confessed embarrassed. But no time to debrief on his confidences that Michou had to find the floor with his dancer. Together, they produced a touching performance full of romanticism. Michou even seems to have taken his courage together. hands at the end of the choreography stealthily kissing the pretty brunette. A gesture that has not escaped the notice of Internet users. “IThey kissed there ??? IT WAS VERY BEAUTIFUL“, “OMG THE KISS“, “Michou and Elsa kissing“, “Wait, there was a kiss where I’m dreaming ???“, they got carried away on Twitter.

Let us recall all the same that at the last news, Elsa Bois is not a heart to take. She is in a relationship with a charming 23-year-old brunette named Adrien, for whom her rapprochement with Michou was not easy to manage.

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