I told him I couldn’t take it anymore: He didn’t believe me, and then it was everywhere

I wanted to pee so badly before sex. I told my partner, but somehow he didn’t notice and neither did I, as I was excited. Together with the orgasm, I then peed. On the one hand, it was totally cool, but on the other hand, I was embarrassed in front of my friend. It was all over the place. I also went to pee again after sex. It is normal? (Lucia, 28 years old)

Lucia, from the way you describe it, I get the impression that it wasn’t a pee, but a wet orgasm. If you have a strange feeling when you urinate, definitely see a doctor, but if you had an unusually strong orgasm and you had a normal bowel movement after sex, I don’t think it’s a medical problem. And when it comes to a wet orgasm, it’s basically that you “squirt” when you climax just like a man. And in this case, enjoy it, explain it to your friend, and if you mention that you are experiencing it only with him, he will definitely be at the peak of happiness! 😉

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