"I thought, ‘Oh shit’": George Clooney Talks About Twin Birth

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“I thought: ‘Oh shit'”
George Clooney talks about twin birth

He was once considered the most sought-after bachelor in Hollywood. But now George Clooney is not only married, but also a father of two. However, the birth of his twins with Amal Alamuddin was initially no picnic, the actor says.

George Clooney cultivated the image of the swinging bachelor for a long time. After a four-year marital interlude with Talia Balsam, he never wanted to get married again, and certainly not having children. But then Amal Alamuddin came into his life and changed both.

In a podcast, from which the “People” magazine quotes, George Clooney speaks more openly than ever about his reaction when he learned that he and his wife were having twins. Ella and Alexander are now four years old.

“We should try”

“There was that moment when we went to the doctor and they pulled out this piece of paper, an ultrasound, and they said, ‘It’s a boy,'” says Clooney. After he had come to terms with the idea of ​​having a child, he was happy, explains the actor. But that wasn’t the end of the story: “And then they said: ‘And the other is the girl.’ And I thought: ‘Oh shit’ “, said the 60-year-old.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin have been married since 2014.

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Now, however, he loves having twins, the actor and director makes clear. “Thank goodness they had each other during the pandemic,” he says happily.

Clooney also recounts the moment he and Alamuddin decided to have children. Paradoxically, the decision was made after visiting friends whose child had made a lot of noise. “We are very lucky in life. We should share this happiness with other people”, Alamuddin said and he replied: “Well, I mean, if you are with us.” After all, Alamuddin had given the direction of march: “We should try it.” The couple had been married for a year at the time.

“Not my thing”

“I have to say that it was very emotional because I was really convinced that it wasn’t my thing and that I couldn’t come to terms with it,” said Clooney of his decision to have children.

The actor obviously has a very precise idea of ​​the values ​​that he now wants to pass on to the next generation. He is aware of the dangers that celebrity and pampering could bring, he explains on the podcast. Although he also comes from a show business family, he has also experienced financially difficult situations. “It taught me to be combative. You can bring me into any situation, I can survive. I want to make sure that our children get that too. That’s important to me,” says the Hollywood star.

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