"I still see messages…" : pregnant, Giuseppa pushes a resounding rant on social networks and makes an irreversible decision!

If Giuseppa is about to experience the joys of motherhood in a few months, her haters have decided to give her no respite! Faced with this relentlessness, the young woman decided to take the bull by the horns and respond in her own way.

“I still see messages from people saying, ‘Yeah, in Les Apprentis Aventuriers, they were just arguing, she wanted to leave him and today they’re having a child’. Well yeah! You’re all the time saying: ‘In 2023, couples separate for everything and for nothing, they try not to fix their problems’ and well we, that’s what we did”she said in her Instagram story a few days ago. “It’s good to do it because today we are very, very, very happy. I never say it because I don’t have to prove what’s going on in my relationship (… ) After a while, yes, we are smart enough to try to overcome our problems as a couple and we will surely have a lot of them because there are trials that await us, that’s life in fact (.. .) Go for a walk (…) Bunch of shitty haters”.

And to avoid repeating herself, the reality TV candidate has decided to block anyone who sends her this type of message in the future!

A very nice birthday

Friday January 20, Paga celebrated its 35th anniversary. A day marked by a beautiful celebration as shown by the photos and videos posted on social networks. On one of the shots, we see the reality TV star kissing his dear and tender, his eyes filled with stars in front of a huge cake bearing the image of the club of his heart, Olympique de Marseille.

“A big thank you for all your messages 35 years, I’m going to be a dad there the most beautiful thing in the world thank you very much to the most perfect woman in the universe”he wrote in the caption of his publication. Oh my baby I love you thank you for all this love and these compliments that you give me daily the man who tells me that I am beautiful every morning in the dream for almost 2 years”replied the mother-to-be, who had also dedicated a post to this very special day. “This love in his eyes… who will love me as much as you, with my bitchy character, I really wanted to share this photo shot with you which is too beautiful, I hope you will like it too”.

In his speech, Anthony Paggini Neuron of his real name also wanted to deliver a speech that breathed love but not only.

“I would like to thank this marvel, because the truth that this girl in Marseille, everyone would like her. She cooks, she does the housework, she does the laundry, she does not flinch, she has children”he said before making revelations about their intimate life. Right now, she’s not making love anymore, but that’s okay. We must assume. Loss of libido is not serious. Once love in five months, it does not matter. Once I sent the sauce, it does not matter”. What put his beautiful quite uncomfortable.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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