"I realized I had a problem with drugs and alcohol"Bradley Cooper opens up about his old addictions

“I was so lost and addicted to cocaine.” Bradley Cooper, 47, recently opened up about the addictions that punctuated the start of his career. In his late twenties, the actor masked his low self-esteem through cocaine and alcohol.

“Moving to Los Angeles for the series A.k.a, it was like going back to high school: I couldn’t go into any nightclub, no girl looked at me. I was completely depressed”, he recalls in an episode of the podcast Smartless, airing June 13 and presented by Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes. The actor recognizes today thathe was destroying his health, but also regularly injuring the people around him. Until you realize…

His salvation, the interpreter owes a friend, Will Arnett (who gives him the reply in the film The Rocker). In July 2004, after an evening where he behaved badly, he was entitled to a reframing which “certainly” saved his life.

It was the first time I realized I had a problem with drugs and alcohol, he admits.

And to add, about his guardian angel: “I will never forget him. He took the risk of having a difficult conversation with mewhich made me decide to change my life”.

At 36, Bradley Cooper then began major changes, and obtained one of the first roles in the film very bad trip (2009), which propelled him to center stage. “You had the chance to start this metamorphosis before this movie. To become aware of these things and to make the necessary changes – it’s what allowed you to open up and become yourself“, congratulated his friend Will Arnett.

Since then, the actor has been sober and unquestionably continues the successes on the screen: happiness therapy (2012), american bluff (2013), american sniper (2014), Joy (2015), The mule (2018), A Star Is Born (2018), etc We recently learned that he even helped Brad Pitt get rid of his own addictions. The latter had thanked him by receiving the prize for best actor in a supporting role, for Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, by Quentin Tarantino.

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