“I push him away, astonished and frightened”: Maureen Dor recounts having been sexually assaulted by Nicolas Hulot

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New shocking revelation in the case Nicolas hulot. This Thursday evening, the teams of “Special Envoy” reserved the first part of the evening for the former minister and presenter of the program “Ushuaïa Nature”, accused of rape and sexual assault by several women. Following the report, Élise Lucet declared on the air that a new victim had decided to speak.

This victim is Maureen Dor. In a long open letter published on the francetvinfo.fr site, the 51-year-old host and actress recounts the sexual assault she suffered in a Brussels hotel in 1989. Extracts …

« When I was 17, in the last year of high school, I started working for Belgian television. The following year, I read the book ‘Crossroads’ by Nicolas Hulot, star of the show ‘Ushuaïa’. I loved this book and had the urge to send him a letter telling him so. Not knowing his address, I wrote to ‘Nicolas Hulot, Ushuaïa show, TF1, Paris, France’. In this letter, I also told him that I was from Brussels and that I would be happy to show him around my city if he ever came there. I also left him my phone number since we were ‘television colleagues’ What was my surprise to receive, a few weeks later, a phone call from the star telling me that he was coming to Brussels for the book fair and that he would be delighted to meet me. He arranged to meet me at the Hôtel Métropole, a legendary hotel in Brussels. I went there, very happy to have interested the great man, whom I saw appear in the hall. From there we went for a drink at the hotel bar. »

« After a quarter of an hour, he told me that journalists should come and interview him and he offered to accompany him to his room to wait for them. And I say yes, of course! I have never seen the rooms in this great hotel – I have never even been in an establishment like this – and I am flattered that it offers it to me. And now I’m going to start justifying myself, like any woman who’s found herself in a bad situation. I was 18 in 1989, raised in a bourgeois Catholic environment. I am a virgin and above all, I do not find myself particularly sexy. It’s important to say because at the time I sincerely believe that a man can offer to accompany him to his room without having any ulterior motives. I am one of those young girls who do not think for a moment to inspire the slightest thought or the slightest desire of a sexual nature. It’s so far out of my way of thinking! So I accompany him and, immediately in the room, here he jumps on me and tries to kiss me. I push him away, astonished and frightened, making this naive remark: ‘But you have a wife!’ and him to answer me that it has nothing to do and that I will be a ‘parenthesis’. »

“So I accompany him and, immediately in the room, here he jumps on me and tries to kiss me”

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« At this precise moment, the reception calls to announce that the journalists arrive. He tells me to go, which I do. As the cell phone didn’t exist at the time, I called my best friend from the upstairs phone to tell her what just happened, shocked that the man I admired did this, but neither did desperate. And here she is saying to me, half combative, half laughing: ‘Resist Maureen, resist. ‘And it is because of what will follow that I think my testimony is worthless: I returned there. When we were in the hotel lobby, he offered to go to dinner with him and his friends, and I agreed. Despite what had just happened, I still wanted to go to dinner with him, fascinated by the guy. There you go, this is where I feel like I haven’t been clear with myself. »

« Certainly, I had been taken aback by his attempt to kiss, by his hands which had gripped my face, but the desire and the pride to have been invited by him were the strongest. What does that say about me, the young girl that I was? I still don’t know. Should I have been traumatized? Was I naive or vicious? Did I ‘search’ for what happened to me? Did I send signs in spite of myself and him, the adult man that he was, misunderstood and interpreted them? »

« In the car that took us to the restaurant, he gave me his room number ‘just in case’. This event must have “worked” me more than expected because during the night, I wrote him a long letter in which I said that it was not necessary to do that to the young girls who admired him. And the next day, I remember going past the line of readers who were waiting for their dedication at the book fair to theatrically drop him on his table what I had to say to him.. »

« Our meeting, my letter, do not seem to have upset him since a few years later, I met him in the corridors of Canal + without him recognizing me. Since then, I have often told this story to my friends, without ever feeling sorry for myself. I knew I had avoided something thanks to the arrival of the journalists, but what? »

“I dare to hope that fatherhood has ‘taught’ Mr. Hulot that women must be respected”

« I was not ‘damaged’ by my meeting with Mr. Hulot. And I’m sincerely afraid of being so much more by the reactions that this kind of denunciation generates on social networks. Besides, I think we can change. You can be a bad guy at one time and realize your bullshit as you get older or have children. I dare to hope that fatherhood has ‘taught’ Mr. Hulot that women should be respected. But if he seems to have continued not to take a ‘no’ for who he is, if he has continued to believe that women’s bodies are available to him, then he needs to be. teaches that this is not the case. »

« I am sincerely sorry for the daughter of Mr. Hulot who will discover that her father is not the hero or the man of integrity that she was entitled to hope but I am even more sorry for all the women who have it. learned in pain and unwillingly (it is the case to say it!). Between her and them, I chose them. Because they are also me. And that, I took a very long time to realize. »

« No woman who testifies with her face uncovered or anonymously does so easily and cheerfully. But some buried pains must come out to make room for new emotions which, for their part, will not hurt. »

« This speaking being difficult, for my part, it will be unique. »

The facts described by Maureen Dor are time-barred. Contacted by the “Special Envoy” teams, Nicolas Hulot did not wish to answer questions or speak in front of the camera. Presumed innocent, he firmly disputes the facts and claims to have never assaulted any woman.

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