I promise you on TF1: discover the release date of season 2

It’s official, the team made up of Camille Lou, Hugo Becker, Guillaume Labbé, Marilou Berry, and Narcisse Mame is back soon! Indeed, season 2 of the successful series “I promise you” will arrive on TF1 at the end of January.

I promise you : It’s go again !

Series I promise you will make its big comeback on TF1 with a season 2 rich in twists and turns. It is from Monday January 31 that fans of the program will be able to find the entire Gallo family, almost a year after the launch of season 1. The French remake of the American series This is us, will be composed of 12 new episodes.

This new season will begin with the 39th anniversary of the triplets, played by Marilou Berry, Guillaume Labbé, and Narcisse Mame. The siblings finally seem to have flourished. Indeed, Michaël is delighted alongside Maëlle. In addition, he finally gets to land an important role in a series. On the side of Maud, she spins the perfect love with Tanguy (Marc Riso) and launches, full of apprehensions, in her career as a singer. As for Mathis, he is happy to have resigned and is about to welcome a 14 year old girl within his home.

Tanguy (Marc Riso) and Maud (Marilou Berry) – I promise you © TF1 Production

A season 2 full of revelations

The series obviously follows the events exposed in the original version. This is us. Season 2 is directed by Renaud Bertrand and Marilou Berry, who this time around will be in front of and behind the camera. As from the beginning, it will once again be a question of mourning. It has been 23 years since the father, Paul (Hugo Becker), passed away. Thus, we must not miss this second batch since the viewers will finally discover the circumstances of the father’s death. Guillaume Labbé, Michaël’s interpreter, told Allocine about his character:

Season 2 explores Michael’s past. He goes back to his romantic past.

These new episodes, announced as “darker” by the actor, will welcome new faces. Thus, several actors will come to complete the cast of this season 2. We will find Sara Martins, Jean-Marc Barr, Daniel Russo, Christophe Malavoy and Charlie Bruneau, who will play an essential character for Michaël.

So go meet January 31 to discover the rest of the series I promise you, on TF1!

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