I named you in silence: Treasures to which we should not be indifferent

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This documentary that follows and records the work of Las Rastreadoras, an organization that launches the search for missing persons in northwestern Mexico, has reached Mexican billboards.

I named you in silence, a documentary to which you cannot be indifferent.  (Photo: I named you in silence)
I named you in silence, a documentary to which you cannot be indifferent. (Photo: I named you in silence)

They should be looking at the calendar to know what day their children’s birthday falls on, not to count the days they have been absent since they were victims of forced disappearance. Nor should they carry a shovel to traverse mountains or deserts and devote themselves to exhausting days in search of human remains that identify the disappeared. But they do, they have to. Otherwise no one would. And that is heartbreaking. It tears because the country has crossed its arms in the face of its struggle.

While organized crime has vilely ripped away their loved ones to play with their lives, governments and authorities turn a blind eye so as not to act on what is supposed to be their responsibility. To this is added a large sector of society that is indifferent to their tragedy because they see the horror as distant, which, contrary to popular belief, is becoming closer to any Mexican family. There are more than 100,000 disappeared in Mexico, which translates into thousands of mothers who stopped being sleepy to offer their permanent vigilance to courage and hope.

With I named you in the silence, the director José María Espinosa brings us face to face with some of these mothers, who in this case They are women who make up the organization of Las Rastreadoras de El Fuerte. This is the Sinaloa community group whose members dedicate body and soul to searching for treasures in clandestine graves, plains or garbage dumps. They call that, treasures, those people who did not return home and were killed.

It is necessary to see them, to know them, but the most important thing is to feel them. This documentary allows them to cry, to speak. Sharing this relief is a channel that brutally connects with those who until then were unaware of their pain. Once the cause of it is understood, one cannot be indifferent to it. The reality of it is undesirable for any mother.

We live in times in which a son sits at the table to eat and asks his mother what she would do if he did not come home. Or the other way around: mothers telling their offspring that they would move heaven, sea and earth if one day they had no news of their whereabouts. It is cruel, sad that this happens, but they are the dialogues that begin to be built as a consequence of the terror that forced disappearances mean.

“We do not look for guilty, we look for our treasures”, we hear pronounced in I named you in the silence. That phrase, brief but forceful, teaches us about the motivation of their fight and the spirit of their cause. In the same way, it instructs us to dimension their search from the most touching side that they protect as mothers that they are, the love for their children, their treasures. Because that is what they are, treasures, an identity that goes far beyond being disappeared.

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