"I mourned my children, I don’t want to hear about it anymore", in a terrifying situation, the shocking confession of Mallaury Nataf in "TPMP" !

On the Touche plateau not at my post this January 13, Cyril Hanouna launched the subject Mallaury Nataf. Actress in the series Honey and bees, for almost ten years now, she has been increasing the hardships. In particular financial, and has already found herself on the street several times. A touching subject, which particularly moved Matthieu Delormeau, who met the actress not long ago.

For the needs of an unpublished documentary, the columnist had interviewed Mallaury Nataf “Right after the shoot with Jean-Luc Azoulay, we received her and we interviewed her for two hours with my partner.”, a defining moment for the latter, who had discovered a woman “very damaged physically with completely incoherent remarks. “.

On the set of C8, Matthieu Delormeau explained the situation live: “She told us she only wanted to speak on Mondays. Afterwards, we went to have lunch in Boulogne and she told me that she only wanted lunch in a restaurant with a red storefront. Because red is childhood.“. Comments which, ultimately, are undoubtedly linked to the situation she is going through with her three children Rafaël 23 years old, Angeline 20 years old and Shiloh 12 years old,”I have mourned the loss of my children, I don’t want to hear about it anymore. Now I have my life “.

Shocking remarks, echoing those that the actress had made in front of Jean-Marc Morandini in 2019 concerning her children, their abandonment, “I haven’t seen them for six and a half years. I have two children who I haven’t seen for six and a half years. They left my home on July 11, 2012. Since July 18, 2012, at 5 pm, I have never seen them again. I spoke once with my daughter on the phone, three times with my oldest. As for my last, social services are unbearable with me. I saw him eight hours in five years. “

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