“I met him and we see that he had a good night”: disappeared all night during a scout event, Alexandre, 11, was found in Gougnies

The night was short for some residents of Biesme and Gougnies. This Sunday evening, they were alerted that 11-year-old Alexandre, a camp participant, had disappeared. He is part of the junior club of Dion-Valmont (Chaumont-Gistoux) affiliated with the Federation of pluralist scouts, installed in the village Djobin for a few days.

➜ The Germinalt zone police explain what happened.

➜ Once found, the little scout gave a surprising reason for his disappearance.

➜“I ran into him and you can see that he had a good night. Which is not the case for his unit and the residents who have looked for him everywhere. The owner of the site explains!

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