"I love you. Show time": Bob Saget was back in his element

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“I love you. Showtime”
Bob Saget was back in his element

In his final hours, one thing becomes clear: Bob Saget loved the stage, his fans and his family. This is proven by several messages and social media posts that the “Full House” star dropped shortly before his death. It is still unclear why he died.

The news of his death rocked Hollywood and all “full house” fans worldwide on Sunday: US actor Bob Saget was found dead in his hotel room in Orlando, Florida. It is still unclear what he died of, because according to US media reports, the 65-year-old should not have had any previous illnesses.

Even more: If you believe the statements of the last people who saw him alive, Saget, who was on tour in Florida with his comedy program “I Don’t Do Negative” at the time, was full of joie de vivre. According to a police report, quoted from the US media, the hotel employees should not have discovered anything unusual about him.

“He checked in on Friday morning and used his real name. Everyone recognized him immediately, but he made no fuss about it,” it says. “He was really amiable. No entourage, no pretension, no demeanor. He carried his own pockets, looked very energetic and, to be honest, seemed really healthy and happy.”

“Addicted to that shit”

Even after his last appearance last Saturday, Saget posted an extremely happy Instagram post: “I loved the show tonight. Very grateful and funny audience. I didn’t even notice that I was on stage for two hours”, enthused the 65-year-old, who received a Grammy nomination in the category “Best Comedy Album” for his stand-up comedy program in 2014 and wanted to return to his comedy roots this year.

“I’m back in comedy, like when I was 26 years old,” Saget wrote on his selfie. “I guess I’ve found my new voice and I’m enjoying every moment of it.” He wanted to be back on stage “in two weeks”. “I go everywhere until I get the special chance. And then I’ll probably keep going because I’m addicted to that shit,” he said.

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How motivated Bob Saget was to get back on stage and make people laugh is also shown by the last message he sent his daughter Aubrey. The 34-year-old shared the short text message from her late father on her Instagram story. “Thank u. Love and Showtime!” The US actor wrote to her on January 8th. Translated into German this means: “Thank you. Love you. Showtime!”

“Felt cold and clammy”

What ultimately led to Bob Saget’s death remains unclear for the time being. According to the police report, when the comedian missed his check-out and was unable to reach his family, the hotel’s staff gained access to his room to “check his well-being”. After knocking several times, the security guard “received no answer” and went into the room.

There he found Saget lying “on his back” on his bed in his dark room – with his left arm “over his chest, while his right arm was resting on the bed,” they say. “Mr Saget felt ‘cold and clammy’,” the report said. The employee “looked for breathing and pulse, but none was recognized”. But there were also no signs of trauma, external influences or drug use.

Bob Saget played the role of the widower Danny Tanner in the hit series “Full House” in the 1980s and 1990s and in the remake “Fuller House” from 2016 to 2020, who overwhelmed everyday family life with his three daughters after the accidental death of his wife is. In real life, too, the actor had three daughters, Aubrey, Jennifer and Lara. He also leaves the journalist Kelly Rizzo, with whom he was married for the second time since 2018.

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