"I love you for life" : Joy addresses the most moving declaration of love to her father Johnny Hallyday!

This Wednesday June 15, 2022 is a big day for the Hallyday clan. The reason ? This date marks the 79th birthday of Johnny Hallyday. Died on December 5, 2017, the family of the late rock legend still decided to pay tribute to him.

Via her Instagram account, Laetitia Hallyday therefore wrote a long message to wish a happy birthday to the one who was her husband. “Tears mingled with joy today in a clear sky, a star will shine brighter than the others in the firmament. It will enlighten the hearts of millions of people at the same time and ours in particular. She will remind us that you are here, with us, for eternity.wrote the widow in particular.

Joy Hallyday moved the Web

From the height of her 13 years, Joy Hallyday also moved Internet users to tears with the post of a long message that she also revealed via her Instagram account:

“Happy birthday my loving dad. I love you for life. It is thanks to you and mom that I am who I am today. I miss your humor, your jokes, your generosity, your voice, your songs that you used to sing to me, and the love you had for Mom, Jade and I. Every day, I listen to your songs and I think of the most cherished moments that we spent together in your office watching movies, making jokes and laughing all 4 with mom and Jade. I hope you’re doing well up there and having a good time. We 4 for life forever without anyone else. My dad, I wish you the happiest of birthdays. I love you for life, we miss you – Joy your angel”wrote the teenager.

A sublime declaration of love that many Internet users have commented on: “Very touching this message of love to your dad”, “Great message, from up there, your dad must be proud of you”, “With all my heart with you, it’s so difficult to grow up without his dad from love”, “It is very moving courage to you and your family”can we read the social network.

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