“I lived with a total stranger”: her boyfriend was cheating on her and she found out a year later because the lover told her

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Daniela Iozzia is a young woman from Argentina who used their social networks to recount their tragic love story. “I gave him a house, a job and I supported him financially for a year,” she began by writing through a Twitter post, the same one that became a trend and accumulated more than 89 thousand ‘likes’.

As he said, last Wednesday a girl wrote to him to tell him that she had been with her ex-boyfriend when they were in a relationship and lived together. “I gave him everything, even what I did not have, and he took my money and went to the telo with another,” said the young woman.

Daniela added that, during the relationship, her then-partner went to sleep at her home after being with her lover. In addition, she revealed that he “didn’t take care” of her when it came to being with her. “Gross, that’s what I feel. I lived with a total stranger, ”she added.

To the above is added that the user had to receive medical assistancesince her ex-boyfriend treated her “crazy” before any question she asked him.

“Imagine that I started therapy to be a better girlfriend. I suffered from panic attacks, anxiety, depression and hurt myself because he always let me know that I was not enough and could be heard at any time., counted. “Never be like this”

After this first publication became a trend and drew the attention of thousands of users, Daniela posted another tweet stating that she found out that her ex-boyfriend had been unfaithful to her with another woman. “Another appeared. He not only cheated on me with one but with two and who knows what they don’t tell me. I want to set it on fire,” she expressed.

Finally, the young woman said that, in what seems to be an effect of karma, her ex-partner has had a hard time since they ended their relationship: “The funniest thing is that she cleans herself because everything goes wrong, literally it’s redone. If you’re trash, what’s going to work out for you? Everything comes back, so get used to living like this, ”she concluded.

How to discover infidelity

There are several keys to know if your partner is unfaithful and cheats on you. Depending on the site psicologiaymente.comthese are some of them:

  • Visible signs: It turns out that you are doing something and you see that your partner’s shirt gives off a strong smell of women’s perfume; your partner comes home with a lipstick stain on their neck or comes home from work with disheveled hair. These can be telltale signs that something may have happened. Now, a single occasion is not enough to doubt someone. It would be different if this happens repeatedly.
  • Change of habits: You know your partner perfectly because they live together for many years. But he has been behaving strangely for a few months and has adopted habits that he did not have before. For example, he checks his smartphone every day before bed and spends hours hooked on the device when he leaves work. On top of that, when you ask him who he talks to so much, he avoids answering you, he appears tense and hides the conversations from you.
  • He doesn’t know what to answer or his stories don’t agree: Not only is he tense or hides conversations, but when you ask him a question, such as “what did you do after work?”, he doesn’t know what to answer.
  • He gets defensive: And of course, his behavior surprises you, so you ask him something to clarify it for you. Instead of acting calm, knowing that he has nothing to hide, it turns out that he gets angry and in the end avoids answering you. There’s no reason to get like this, unless you’re hiding something.
  • Many hours of work: Unfaithful people often use work as an excuse. If before he used to work his 8 hours a day, now he always leaves the job later, he even has to go on a trip with the company and now he also works on Saturdays… These are some indicators that can make you suspect his true intentions.
  • He wants to go alone everywhere: Your relationship may not be at its best, but he had never behaved in a way that avoided your presence in many situations. Now he prefers to be alone in the room or go anywhere alone. Obviously everyone needs their space, but this is not the reason for their attitude.
  • Pays excessive attention to his physical appearance: He pays a lot of attention to his physical appearance, dresses better, uses aftershave every day and even returns to the gym despite having forgotten about it. He behaves the same as when he began the relationship with you, but that over time he seemed to have forgotten.

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