"I jumped on his jugular" : Ludivie Retory deceived and "flouted" by his companion "start of relationship" !

Knowing how to forgive is a great virtue. However, it is never easy when you have been hurt by a loved one to accept their forgiveness and manage to move on. Yet Ludivine Retory, she seems to have succeeded in doing so over her relationship with her current companion. Guest at Jordan de Luxe, the columnist of TPMP indeed confided in the subject of the infidelity of which she had been the victim on the part of her boyfriend at the beginning of their story.

A misconduct which, although there is never a good time, took place at the worst time for the young woman. “I no longer have a job, I no longer have anything and it is he who is cheating on me”, she confides to Jordan de Luxe. It is after two years of love, and a child, that infidelity occurs. Enough to get Ludivine Retory out of her hinges, who confesses to the journalist: “I almost jumped on his jugular”. A colorful reaction that the young obviously exaggerated. However, the latter acknowledges having given him a “good slap”.

The deception that solidified the couple

A completely normal behavior that any man, and any woman, would have had in such a situation.It’s hard when you realize you’ve been scorned, recognizes Ludivine Retory who could have left her man at the time of the events. However, she will find the strength to forgive him despite his great desire to turn the page: He deserved me to dump him. He knows it, he no longer moves an ear!. But if the beauty preferred to give him a second chance, it is also because she knew that she could not leave everything overnight.

Indeed, she explains to Jordan de Luxe: “I left everything in Martinique and I was very well. Can you imagine going back to living with your tail between your legs with two children under your arms, without a job?”. Despite everything, the columnist of TPMP seems to have made the best choice because today, happiness has resurfaced and her couple is more “solid as ever” according to his words. I made this drama of my life a strength. We are ultra accomplices and he treats me like a queen”she rejoices, proving at the same time that it is sometimes good to give a second chance.

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