“I had no money and only bought food for him”: the first date of a young woman who divides TikTok

Heydi Berber is a young woman from USA who recently had her first date with a boy. This outing was not the most pleasant for her, because that time she did not bring money and the man ended up buying food just for him. Yes, just like you just read.

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The woman, as reported in her account TikTok (@heydiberber) through a video published on November 7 of this year, she dated a man in Fresno, a city in the state of California. They both decided to go to a restaurant in order to have a good time.

It is there that something happened that the young woman never imagined would happen. “On our first date, I had no money, so he only bought food”Heydi said in the aforementioned clip. “Should I go out with him again?”He later consulted his followers.

But that is not all. After that, the man told him “Pay me or ignore me”, according to the woman herself. Due to the version released by the tiktoker, his video did not take long to generate controversy. Many users considered that the subject acted without manners by not inviting him anything, while other Internet users argued that she should have brought money and paid for its consumption.

The fact is that Heydi ended up giving the boy another chance. Yes, she had a second date with him. This time, he didn’t have a good time with her either. “I shouldn’t have come”, he maintained in another video that he also published in TikTok.

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