"I had adventures between the end of filming and today" : A candidate from "Married at first sight" reveals to be single!

Married at First Sight season 6 is coming to an end soon since a last episode will be broadcast on Monday June 27 on M6. The opportunity for viewers to find out who is still in a relationship, several months after participating in the program. Bruno and Alicia are still together. It remains to be seen what about Pauline and Damien or even Eddy and Jennifer, the two other couples to have remained married at the end of the experience. What about Sandie and Alexandre who have not yet faced the experts and who have therefore not rendered their decision. We will also have news of the divorced, whether Emilie, Frédérick, Axel, Caroline but also Jauffrey and Cyndie.

Separated before balance sheet

The two southerners had forged a great bond at the start of the adventure before their relationship deteriorated. Besides, the young woman had revealed to Tele-Leisure that she was separated from the former swimmer before finding Estelle Dossin and Pascal De Sutter in Paris. “I don’t know what he’s going to say or what state of mind he’s in. I don’t know if he came relaxed, if he came up. You should know that we were already separated on the balance sheet “, she confided. “I didn’t go there when I learned of our separation, we were separated. We separated the evening of my coming to his house. We had a big argument and the next day we discussed it, saying to each other that it was no use. nothing, that our expectations weren’t at all the same. I wanted to experience this without being disillusioned. When things are not going well, things are not going well. We would never have been happy together, we not at all the same expectations of a couple”.

Singles or couple?

And since their participation, are they still single? Cyndie is confronted with a rumor saying she is in a relationship with Frédérick, Florent Manaudou’s friend answered in the affirmative before adding to have “had adventures between the end of filming and today”. “Our contract with the production prohibits us from appearing with another girl until the broadcast. They can claim us up to 10,000 euros. I understand but it’s still long…”, did he say to TV Magazine.

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