"I found it a bit bloated" : Lorie Pester refuses to dance with her ex Billy Crawford in DALS… the singer answers her!

The twelfth season of “Dancing with the stars” ended this Saturday, November 12, 2022 with the victory of singer and dancer Billy Crawford. The star from the Philippines distinguished herself for months on the arm of Fauve Hautot before winning the coveted trophy. A consecration for Billy Crawford who, in the 2000s, was a real phenomenon in France.

Remember, two decades ago, Billy Crawford ignited our television screens with his hits “Trackin'” or “You Didn’t Expect That”. In addition to being a real singing star, he also formed an ultra-glamorous couple with Lorie Pester, an essential singer of the early 2000s.

Lorie Pester refuses the production’s invitation
Back in France to participate in “Dancing with the stars”, Billy Crawford found his many fans… and was not against the idea of ​​seeing his ex Lorie again, for a last dance on the floor of studio 217. former singer turned actress was thus requested by the production of the show but directly refused the invitation. “I found it a bit inflated all the same because hey, that’s what…” declared the young mother on her YouTube channel to answer questions from her subscribers about her presence or not in the TF1 show. Lorie Pester explained that she did not intend to dance with her former lover, out of respect for her family and also out of respect for Billy’s wife.

For his part, Billy Crawford responded to this refusal on the part of his ex: “Everyone has their own life now and it’s been more than twenty years since we’ve seen or spoken. I focused on my work, my craft, my life ever since. She has a family, I have mine and If we broke up it’s not for nothing…” he asserted.


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