"I find it dramatic", Michel Cymes loses his temper in front of Didier Deschamps, and he is not tender!

A real chronicle, which has lasted for days. On the sidelines of the Australian Open, which takes place from January 17 to 30, in Melbourne, Novak Djokovic was to go there. But the authorities decided otherwise. In question: the athlete is not vaccinated.

In the midst of a health crisis, and while borders are gradually reopening in the world, all countries are asking to be vaccinated in order to be able to enter their territory. And the organizers of the tennis tournament had also specified it in November. However, if some tennis players had therefore given up on the tournament in order not to be vaccinated, Novak Djokovic, himself, had obtained a “medical exemption from vaccination”. An authorization that the Australian authorities have obviously not accepted. And when the latter arrived in the territory, he was obviously refused entry. Since then, the controversy has swelled.

Guests on the C à Vous set on January 12, Michel Cymes and Didier Deschamps spoke about athletes and their decision to be vaccinated or not. An individual “freedom” for the coach of the French team. But for Michel Cymes, Novak Djokovic has an unacceptable behavior: “I don’t know if he did it or not, the most important point is that Djokovic is anti-vaccine. He said it, and not just before the Australian Open, he’s an anti-tax.”, before returning to the role of athletes in general nowadays: “I heard Didier Deschamps speak at the moment about the exemplarity that a high level athlete must have vis-à-vis young people, I find it dramatic that a guy like Djokovic openly says that he is against vaccines . That he is is his problem, but he doesn’t have to say it. It serves as a counterexample to vaccination. “

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