"I felt naked", Sophie Marceau outraged and angry with Julien Clerc, their very uneasy quarrel!

In 1997, as rightly recalled Current wife, on his website, Julien Clerc publishes Enough, enough, a title which will particularly upset one of the biggest stars of the seventh art.

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Indeed, the singer will evoke the breasts of … Sophie Marceau and caused enormous embarrassment for the talented actress.

I was excruciatingly embarrassed by this disc. When I received it at my house, I hid it. I was afraid that my entourage would fall on it “, she explained to SHE the year after. And to continue: “I was in pain, as if I had done something stupid. Like I’m showing my boobs on the radio. Breasts are intimate, erotic, sexual. I felt naked. “

“I thought it was cute”, had for his part declared Julien Clerc, invited on the set of Thierry Ardisson at the time.

Fortunately, since then, everything has been sorted out, calmed down. The star of the Boom does not want the coach of The Voice anymore.Sophie Marceau was there last week, she doesn’t blame you at all. She said it was ancient history, had ended up affirming the TV host when receiving the artist on his set.

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