"I don’t pick up"why would Delphine Wespiser refuse to answer calls from Cyril Hanouna?

“It’s true that I feel better in the summer” says Delphine Wespiser, this week to our colleagues from Closer. And how we understand it! The former Miss France still lived a year at 100 per hour. And it was not easy, between the shootings of Fort Boyard, for France 2, the sets of Do not touch My TVand his new show “Come let’s love each other”, on C8. Delphine Wespiser is now on vacation, and “she takes time for herself” as she explains without complex.

“In the summer, I also try to do a social media detox

The one who faced controversy in April because of remarks about candidate Marine Le Pen, has had big emotional lifts in recent months. And she decided to take a few days off in Port Baracarès with her darling Roger, to go see her family. On site, she has a very special program to be sure to relax. She explains to her fans:I live in suitcases all year round with my round trips to Paris, so when I arrive at my destination, I unpack them for good in order to have this feeling of being settled!

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To be sure that we leave her alone, the best enemy of Matthieu Delormeau also tends to disappear. She confesses:I cut my phone for a whole day. I also do it on Sundays during the year. In the summer, I also try to do a social media detox to live in the moment.”.

“I don’t pick up, because I’m still in airplane mode”

A rule to which Delphine Wespiser never breaks. And even for his boss, Cyril Hanouna! So if work calls, “I’m not picking up because I’m still in airplane mode” she says. And to add:I watch out for the waves emitted by the telephone which are very harmful. I listen to the messages and I call back, but not right away”. It’s called enjoying life. A tip that we should all apply, once in a while.


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