"I don’t know how to do anything else" : Michel Drucker very "anguish"the host makes heartbreaking revelations …

In a few weeks, Michel Drucker will no longer appear in the famous red sofa of France 2 and Can’t wait for Sunday. Indeed, the one who officiates on the second channel for several years will branch off on France 3 but will always remain in contact with his fans and viewers. An audience that he cannot leave overnight as he confided on many occasions.

It will therefore be a Can’t wait for Sunday “revisited” that he will provide on a new channel, but still in the group France Televisions. “They still count on me despite my advanced age and that made me happy”rejoices Michel Drucker in an interview granted The Voice – Le Bocage. The presenter then continued: “I’m going to present a revisited Vivement dimanche, turned towards the provinces, more France of the regions rather than a program for sores. I’m going to put forward, among other things, the supporting roles of the channel’s successful series. Then, once per month, I will pay tribute to the disappeared, to people who are talked about more, whom the public appreciated and I knew well”.

Scared to quit

And fortunately that France 3 offered him a job! Because Michel Drucker admits it, without appearing on television, his end of life would undoubtedly be catastrophic. We are all so addicted to this life, this highlighting, this notoriety, that to deprive ourselves of it would be ‘a little death'”he recognizes before confessing: “And then I don’t know how to do anything else. It’s like for an athlete who can no longer play football or ride a bike following an accident, it’s the anxiety of not being at the best of his level. When you have made your job your passion and it stops, it’s scary.”

Heavy confidences that follow the difficult period that the host was experiencing. Indeed, for several months, health problems kept him away from the small screen. A very complicated moment during which he was able to realize that he could not live without the media. “For almost a year, I saw, I experienced what it was like to stop overnight. And during the period of confinement, what’s more”he recalls before concluding: “For people who do jobs like mine, it’s taking away our reason for living.”

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