“I don’t have a dramatic story, I’m happy with my partner, that’s why they don’t let me work on TV”: Claudio Sona lets out

“I caused an uproar with my words, someone even gave me some rosicone but they are criticisms that do not affect me: I only said what I thought ”. He is relaxed and smiling Claudio Sonathe former tronista of Men and women – the first gay protagonist in the history of the program Maria De Filippi -, despite some of his statements have raised half a fuss. “I am a homosexual a little different from the stereotypes that appear on television”, she said answering some questions on the social page ThePipol. Is there really a problem with clichés and how homosexuals are portrayed on TV, particularly reality shows? FqMagazine tried to ask the person concerned.

“I expressed myself too synthetically why the discourse is general and does not only concern gays: it seems to me that now, especially in reality shows, they tend to take characters constantly over the top or even studied at the table “, explains Claudia Sona, criticizing the tendency to look for increasingly extreme episodes and situationsAnd. “And then the names of the competitors are always the same, a circle of people who have made all possible reality shows”. So we ask him: what would be the alternative? “I don’t want to teach the trade to anyone but why always focus on strong dramas or stories? There is also normality in life: I don’t have a dramatic story and I wouldn’t even be able to invent it just to be the center of attention. I live the ups and downs like everyone else, I have a story with my partner Nick that has lasted for two years, we fight and love each other like everyone else: it is not said that a gay couple must necessarily respond to the clichés imposed by others “.

We provoke it again: isn’t this criticism born of having participated in auditions for different programs and not having been chosen? “But no, let alone, I’m not a rosicone: I did the casting for the Big Brother Vipthe first edition of Gentlemenand they did not take me, ditto for theIsland of the famous. In both cases it didn’t go well but I didn’t make a big deal out of it. Do I lack character? I don’t think so, on the contrary, I am a diplomat but I have a bad temper and I am capable of epic outbursts “. So, are you done with the TV? “No, just no other proposals came and I focused on other things. If they called me for The mole, which has the nuances of a game, I would gladly go there ”. But do you know that this year it will be produced by Maria De Filippi’s Fascino? Your relationships had not cooled down after the post Men and Women controversy and the breakup with his ex, Mario Serpa? “These are reconstructions made by those who do not know the facts. I hear from several people from the editorial staff every now and then, we are on good terms: they know the truth and how things went “

Today Claudio Sona is dedicated to his influencer activity, including travel, fitness and wellness, but more than his future on TV I think of another area in which to invest. Before being catapulted to the throne of Men and Women in fact he had a bar in Verona, who later sold, but would not mind returning to be an entrepreneur in the restaurant business. “I like what I do but I miss direct contact with people, I have a strong predisposition for that area and I have so many ideas that are whirling in my head. I hope to make one soon “


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