"I do not want to any more": Pregnant Anne Wunsch is finished

Anne Wunsch’s (30) pregnancy is anything but easy. Last year, the former Berlin – Tag & Nacht actress surprised her fans with the news that she is pregnant for the third time. Together with her lover Karim (33), the beauty can look forward to a little boy. But instead of being able to enjoy her pregnancy to the fullest, the influencer has had to keep showing her nerves over the past few months. Well betrayed Annethat she is completely exhausted in the face of all the difficult times.

In your Instagramstory, the Berliner now turned to her followers and poured out her heart. “I’m really exhausted guys. I’ve been through so much this pregnancy”, the 30-year-old began to tell. The native of Cottbus had to cope with a real shock last March when her dryer caught fire in the middle of the night. What followed was not only six weeks of emergency accommodation in a hotel, but also a lot of overwhelm because the washroom had to be completely renovated.

On Wednesday, the network personality then shocked with the news that she had to put her dog Mimi to sleep. The health of the Chihuahua lady had been deteriorating for several months, so that Anne finally released her beloved four-legged friend from his suffering. “I do not want to any more”wrote Anne finally close to tears.

Instagram / anne_wuensche

Anne Wunsch, influencer

Instagram / anne_wuensche

Anne Wunsch and her dog Mimi in June 2022

Instagram / anne_wuensche

Anne Wunsch in June 2022

Would you have thought that the past few months have been so difficult for Anne?

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