‘I did something stupid’: The alleged perpetrator of the murder of the two women says he acted in a ‘delusional state’ after smoking cannabis

In this press release, the public prosecutor of Béziers Raphaël Balland indicated that he planned to request from Sunday “the opening of a criminal judicial investigation”.

The alleged perpetrator of this double murder was arrested around 6:50 p.m. Friday by the gendarmes, in Roujan, “the bloody clothes, in front of his parents’ restaurant” located opposite his home where the two lifeless bodies were discovered. The 22-year-old man, employed in a supermarket, had just explained to his family that he “did something stupid”.

Alerted by his father, the firefighters and gendarmes discovered in his apartment the body of his concubine, aged 21, a second-year student nurse, with whom he had been living for 10 months, and that of a 25-year-old neighbor, paramedic. .

While in police custody, in the presence of his lawyer, the man explained that he had “psychological problems”, said prosecutor Raphaël Balland.

He was “very scared”

He explained that he had “felt very badly for a few days” and that he had felt “particularly bad” in the afternoon after having smoked “several joints with his concubine”. He would have started “to be very afraid, having the impression that we wanted to kill him”, specified the magistrate, indicating that “samples for toxicological purposes” were carried out on the suspect.

The man claimed to have wanted to go to a psychologist but to have been prevented from doing so by his concubine. Still according to his words, “they would then have fought and he would have stabbed her several times” at the latter, “especially at the level of the neck”, indicated Mr. Balland, specifying that the suspect “believes that he was then in a delirious state”.

According to the account of the presumed murderer, still reported by the prosecution, the neighbor on the upper floor who was going out to walk her dog would then have passed in front of their apartment and would have offered her help: but, “once in the apartment, they would also be beaten and he would again have stabbed the second victim several times”.

An autopsy of both bodies is scheduled for Monday.

Fifth feminicide of the year in France

The suspect was unknown to justice and the family of his concubine had not been aware of threats or violence from him against the young woman, according to Mr. Balland.

The father of the alleged murderer described him as a person “rather withdrawn on himself for several years”, spending “a lot of time in front of his computer, in particular to play violent video games, and passionate about horror films” . His behavior has reportedly changed since he started smoking cannabis in July.

If this feminicide is confirmed, it would be at least the fifth this year. According to the latest report from the Ministry of the Interior, 102 women died under the blows of their spouse or ex-spouse in 2020. They were 146 in 2019. The feminist collective against sexist and sexual violence #NousToutes counted 113 feminicides in 2021.

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